Friday, March 4, 2016

The Miracle of Moving

We moved!

It's been a month in our house (house!!) and I have finally surfaced through the boxes and dust. My only coherent thought is omigod, what just happened. 

First of all, packing. In the 21st century there should be a Mary Poppins app that snaps and packs for you. Or at least some kind of device that can guard cabinets once they've been packed up. I swear each time I emptied a cabinet into a box the cabinet birthed new items to hold. They. Never. Got. Empty.

And the boxes. How much time I spent trying to figure out what should go together with what in each box.  For what? In the end, I was the one who went and opened them all just to find the darned peeler. No one else was around to be impressed with the mesmerizing way I managed to tuck the shirts into the hats to save room for the shoes tucked into the boots! Hello? That saved me an entire eighth of a box and only took two hours to arrange! Sigh. 

I really did try hard to be organized but by the time I was packing up box 6,578 I was way past detailing the inventory in each box. My labels became "House Crap #1" and "Forgot What's In Here." 

It's all just as well because even if I could remember what I had put in the box before closing it, chances are it had all new contents anyway. I got the Mary Poppins snap app unpacker in the form of one #hashtagrivka. She meticulously unpacked at least ten items from any box that I left open to add to. Quality super-nanny right there. 

One good thing about the packing?  The memories I got to sort through. School projects the kids managed to hide away, toys we've been looking for for 4 years, clothes I can't believe I ever thought were stylish and lots of things that made me laugh. Like when I found the clothes iron. LOL, I used to iron! With an ironing board! How domestic is that? Nowadays we're lucky to leave the house in all clean clothes 🙈. 

Happy one month in the new house to us! It's the first morning that I'm sitting on the couch doing absolutely nothing (simultaneously praying I haven't forgotten twenty things that I'm supposed to be doing) and I'm reveling in it. The construction is over (for now), the layers of dust have been banished (for now), and we're loving it (for always)! 

To those looking forward to moving: prepare yourself for the inevitable miracle of discovering you have more than one moving-truck-worth of crap in your apartment at any given moment. Math and Science can't explain it so don't even bother trying. 


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