Thursday, September 3, 2015

Can You Keep a Secret?


Yes, I know it's been months since I've posted. I hope you haven't forgotten about me. Back in April I was all, "Oh I am SO writing a book!" Now it's September and I *think* I got one page done. So maybe it's better that I wait until my life is a little less busy.

But after several...spectacular? weeks of Mommy Camp, I am so happy to announce that my girls started school today. BOTH OF THEM! #hashtagrivka is in school!!!! Well, she might still be on the bus on the way but my baby is starting school today!

I have gotten so many comments over the past few months wishing blessings and luck on her teachers. And I've passed them on diligently to the lovely women who will be her educators this year.

Diligently, but silently. Very, very silently.

Out loud I said things like,

"Hi Morah Nechama! This is Rivka! Have I told you about the time she washed all the dishes for me?"

"Hi Morah Sheina! This is Rivka! Boy, did we have a great time folding all the laundry last night."

"Hi Morah Devorah Leah! This is Rivka! She'll be happy to sweep the floors in here!"

"Gosh, thanks to Rivka organizing all the toys I was able to get out of the house on time today!"

"Did I mention that Rivka loves to cozy up in the rocking chair and read books most of the day?"

If they call me in shock about behaviors that seem so out of ordinary of the character that I am describing, why, I'll be shocked right along with them! It'll be our secret, aight? ;)

Truth: I am (almost) totally confident that she is going to take after her big sister and be a superstar student!

Other truth: I am very, very nice to the principals. Just in case.

The picture her teachers see. 
The #hashtag we know and love. 

Her beautiful big sister who has been a tremendous joy throughout my journey.